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Churchwardens Changeover 2015

 New Wardens 2015

April 26th 2015 - Chaplain Alja Tollefsen flanked by the newly commissioned churchwardens Jeanet Luiten and Blair Charles.

At the Annual General Meeting, last Sunday19th April, the long and dedicated service of Joyce Wigboldus and Everhard Ottens as Church Wardens ended. The departing wardens surprised the Chaplain. They presented her with a brass plaque for St Marys, inscribed with the names of all the Chaplains who served at St. Marys. The plaque will be mounted in a suitable place on the chapel wall.

In a small get-together in the hut, the Revd Alja Tollefsen thanked Everhard and Joyce for the support they gave her during their long service as Church Wardens. She presented them with flowers and book tokens on behalf of the Chaplaincy in gratitude for all their work.

This year's AGM was also Simone's last as Secretary. The Chaplain thanked Simone for all her hard work. During the past 20 years, Simone prepared extensive minutes of nearly every PCC meeting that took place. Also Caroline was praised and thanked for her efforts in the two years she had taken the post of treasurer. Both were also offered a bouquet as a token of our gratitude.

Becoming a Church Warden might be a richly rewarding experience, but the job is not always an easy one. Joyce and Everhard surprised the newly elected Church Wardens, Jeanette and Blair, with a copy of the Survival Guide for Wardens and passed on the Duty Warden badge. The handbook should help them, fresh in office, to understand what is involved in being Church Warden.

During the Service of Sunday 26th April Blair Charles and Jeanet Luiten did solemnly and sincerely declare that they will faithfully and diligently perform the duties of churchwardens.

Images Lub Gringhuis