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St Mary's of Weldam / Chapel Interior Decorations

Chaplaincy in the Diocese of Europe

Chapel Wall Texts, Interior Decorations and Quilts

The diagram below shows where each of the texts and quilts are located in the Chapel.

Ornamented Bible verses

Stencils of used lettering on walls The walls of the church have been decorated with verses from the Bible. Alle verses have been applied to the walls by means of stencil plates, which are still kept in the archives of the Estate.

At the back of the chapel are two patchwork quilts made by members of the church. These quilts also have a story to tell. They will be addressed in a separate item at the end of this section

The Bible texts on the walls are not very easy to read so this section shows photographs of the texts with the Bible verses printed in Dutch and English underneath.

 St.Marys-Quilts The Quilts

St Mary's Quilters created the two quilts at the back of the church. Each pattern represents a calendar month of the year and refers to a biblical passage or story. The quilts are taken from the original work of Kim Graham ©.

The right one of the two quilts was dedicated to Norman Walker in 2000. He had been our faithful and much loved organist for 20 years. The second quilt, on the left-hand side, was made as a companion piece and completed in 2001.

For explanations about the meaning concerning each of the patterns in the quilts, click below.

 Quilt-01 Jan,   Quilt-02 Feb,   Quilt-03 Mar,   Quilt-04 Apr

 Quilt-05 May,   Quilt-06 Jun,   Quilt-07 Jul,   Quilt-08 Aug

 Quilt-09 Sep,   Quilt-10 Oct,   Quilt-11 Nov,   Quilt-12 Dec