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(Image Mineke Foundation)                                                                                                                                                                              Tonia Dabwe briefing in the Hut

Dabwe Town in Liberia was a flourishing town with a school and fruitful farming projects. The town was founded by the Liberian Dabwe Wiah and his Dutch wife Mineke Muilerman. The Liberian civil war brutally ended their life’s dream and family happiness. Dabwe Town was profoundly damaged.

But now a new, peaceful era has begun. The next generation is dedicated to continuing the life’s dream of her parents. From the Netherlands, aid is provided to the inhabitants of Dabwe Town so that they can develop and improve their living conditions themselves. Help build an independent, self-supporting and self-assured community that will set an example in Liberia and function as a catalyst for sustainable projects.

Mineke Foundation was founded in January 2009 to further the social and economic development of the Dabwe Town community in Liberia, West Africa. This includes the renovation of a school, a school gardening project (which will provide education about basic agricultural techniques), sanitation and hygiene, and entrepreneurship. They focus on women and children, especially girls.

The Mineke Foundation is supported by our congregation.

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Brooke Hospital

(Image Brooke Hospitals)

Brooke Hospital is an international animal welfare organisation dedicated to improving the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules in some of the world's poorest communities. They provide treatment, training and programmes around animal health and wellbeing, operating across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Stichting Brooke Hospital for Animals Nederland

Life is miserable for many horses and mules in countries like India and Egypt. These domestic animals are work in unbearable temperatures, are being neglected and beaten too. Their owners are as poor as a church mouse. They are busy trying to survive and are not concerned with their horse or donkey.

Brooke Hospital for Animals is concerned with the fate of these animals and their owners. With a network of own mobile teams and animal clinics Brooke offers free veterinary help and education about animal welfare. By improving the living conditions of the domestic animals, Brooke also helps the very poor that are dependent on these animals. Our veterinary surgeons and care takers do help hundreds of thousands animals.

The Brooke Hospital for Animals is also supported by our congregation.

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Young Achievers - Namibia

(Image Young Achievers)

Youg Achievers is a group of more then 60 youngsters from Katura (Namibia), ages varying between seven and 22, from the former township Katutura in the city of Windhuk.
Youngsters from this township normally have limited chances to develop and achieve something in the end. From dissatisfaction about this situation and from a strong drive to achieve something a few youngsters did set up the "Young Achievers"

Young Achievers has following three goals:
  - Give youngsters a vision towards life or an objective in life.
  - Inspire youngsters and motivate them to become responisble citizens (locally, regionally as well as global).
  - Support youngsters in their personal growth towards positive avenues.

Young Achievers meet every Saturday between 13:00 and 16:00 in the Multi Purpose / Youth Centre. This Centre has been allocated by the Ministry of Youth. During these sessions all activities are aimed at three essences in the developement of skills:
  - Intellectual skills
  - Professional skills
  - Social skills

The Young Achievers are being supported by a group of adults, acting as coordinators. These coordinators, originating from the same township did experience by themselves the difficulty to achieve something from this background. They, however, have been succesfull (completed their studies at university, promoted and do have jobs at the Ministry or at the United Nations) and do feel a moral duty to support others in this.

The coordinators are, as it were, 'role models' for the youngsters. As expert by experience they know very well what the tresholds area and what kind of help is needed for the youngsters. They too sense that motivation has to come from the youngsters themselves.

Achievers United supports the project Young Achievers Namibia. Our contacts to Young Achievers Namibia are Ferdinand and Pandu Hailonga-van Dijk.

The Young Achievers - Namibia is also supported by our congregation.

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