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Finances and ANBI Information

Coin Collections System


The Coin Collection System has been terminated.


Purchased coins may still be used for the coming collections.


Collection Coins have been introduced to make sure offertory donations are tax deductible in accordance with current Income Tax Rules. Current rules require claimants to prove they have donated to a church or any other charity during a tax year. Selling Collection Coins with a receipt provides a means to provide this proof.


Exemple: For the financial year, forecast income from the service collections is €12,000. Without proof of how much has been donated, the potential tax rebate is lost. The following figures illustrate just how much is lost. A 30% rebate on €12,000 would yield a rebate of €4,000 if paid to the church, equivalent to about 66% of the 2016 forecasted budget deficit.


On the first Sunday of every month, coins with a value of €2,50 - €5,00 - €7,50 - €10,00 will be sold and receipted by Hans and Fred.


If you have any questions, please ask them while you are buying your coins


Please use the collection coins for collection purposes only. This to give the treasurer a clear view on the collection revenue. Spending these coins on other things #(coffee, magazine etc.) makes bookkeeping very complicated. Be aware, when you buy the coins, you then make the actual contribution to the collection income. Afterwards your coins are only virtual money. It also gives you an indication how much you virtually spend on the collection each Sunday.


Furthermore a gift is a donation to a good cause. There should not be something in return.


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