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St.Mary's of Weldam


Chaplaincy in the Diocese of Europe

Sunday Services in the English Language - Weldam Chapel - 10:30 hrs . . . . . Saturday 15 December - Cleaning, Chat and Coffee - Also decorating and set up of the Christmas Tree in the Chapel. 16 December - Nine Lessons and Carols - 10:30 hrs . . . . . . . 16 December - Christmas Market after the Service . . . . . . . 24 December - Midnight Service - 22:30 hrs . . . . . . .

Church Library

Currently cataloguing is underway to make the books in our library accessible to everyone. As far as known all titles have been entered in a list.


A lot of new acquired and donated books still have to be tagged and put on the correct shelf. Currently the old "bigraph" identifiers for quick access are mostly on, they will be replaced by a "shelf number" and "trigraph" identifier


To access the full catalogue in .pdf format, select by Author or Subject sequence.


All books are listed with the following headers: Shelf/Code/Author/Title/Subject


In due time the shelf will be fitted with a number indicating the location of the book


A lending record will be positioned on the notice board to the left of the shelves. Please make a note if you did borrow one or more of the titles.


When returning please put the titles on the special "Returned books" shelf. They will be repositioned by the Library custodian.


Also if new books suitable for the "Church Library" are brought in and donated please put them on the shelf marked "New Entries". Do not put the book on the respective shelves, because these new titles still have to be photographed, registered and catalogued for the Website Listing.


I wish you a lot of reading enjoyment.


P.O.C. Lub Gringhuis