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Anglican Church Twente


St.Mary's of Weldam

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Annual Book Sale

Flower Fund Book Sale.

Happily the environment was not burdened with a huge fire to get rid of all the books brought into the hut for this year’s Flower Fund Book sale. Even the amount of people using an E-reader did remain quite low I understood. In fact, quite a number of members of our congregation did rummage through the, generously donated, huge pile of books on offer. Unfortunately the amount of books in the English language was a bit disappointing. Luckily a lot of us do read Dutch as well and they could find a lot of fine quality reading material.

Friday before the Book sale started Theda and I did sort through a large amount of boxes and tried to set up the tables in an orderly display of categories and titles. In fact there were so many books we even had to temporary clear the church library to find place for everything on offer.

This year’s books were quite a number of literature works by famous Dutch writers as well as cooking books, travel guides and a number of historical books. Even before the Book sale did start several books were already sold. Quite a lot of cash was spent, however in some cases, one would like to purchase a particular book, having no more cash at hand. New was the possibility to do a bank transfer during the week after. I will most probably repeat this extra service next year. This year’s Book Sale did make a very nice total of € 176, 60.

At the end of the Book sale quite a lot of titles were still unsold. A portion of those were taken by Nicky, a few bags were taken by Theda to try and sell them at the Summer Teas and the Castle Fair church stall in due time. The remainder was taken to the collection point of the Glanerbrug Book Fair depot. They organize, each January a huge Book Fair aimed for Charities. The revenue is split three ways, one part for the homeless shelter “De Wonne” in downtown Enschede. Another part for the young girls home “Casa de Menino in Campina Grande, Brazil and the last part for the Vincentius Vereeniging (Association to counter poverty in material and physical sense > community social service.) For more details you may find these charities in the following link:

I would like to thank everyone who did contribute by bringing in books, buying the books but I would like to thank Theda in particular, because she knows a lot about how to handle the books, set up the stall and moreover to bargain for a good price. And for next year if you did forget this year to bring in books, especially English one, I would offer you this suggestion: Get yourself a big bag from one of our Supermarkets, and fill it gradually with books you think might be suitable for next year’s Flower Fund Book Sale.

Once again thank you all.

Lub Gringhuis