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Annual Book Sale

BURNING OF BOOKS - MARCH 24th AND 31st 2019 !?


Many of us are using computers, smart phones or E-readers to gather information, read news articles or even take in complete novels or poetry works. So why still bother with these dust gathering, large amounts of bound pages called books?


Also these things often are quite heavy or bulky to carry around, let alone taking them with you on a holiday or travels. Maybe you might have accumulated a lot of these obsolete things in your home and are considering disposing of them.


Of course you could burn them, but then think of all the eco hostile situations this will cause. You might even get fined by the authorities. Now there is another, very eco-friendly, way of disposing of your unwanted books. Recycling is the solution you might have been waiting for almost a year long.


There is very good news indeed; The month of March will give you the opportunity to bring all your unwanted books to the Hut. Collection will be on March 10th and 17th. They will be arranged according to subject and type and be presented for recycling on March 24th and 31st after the service.


So when you decide to get rid of your books be sure the revenue is going to St. Mary’s Flower Fund. Therefore rummage through your bookshelves, attic, cellar and load the unwanted books in your car to bring them in on Sunday March 10th and 17th.


Hopefully, there are still a lot of collectors and readers who still want to use this old fashioned way of gaining knowledge, or just want to sit quietly and relaxed, reading a novel, poetry or even select a fabulous recipe for the next meal. You might even get inspiration to plan for an interesting holiday location.


On Sunday March 24th and 31st our yearly Book sale will be on and we hope that the real old fashioned books enthusiasts amongst you will purchase many of the selection of books presented. So let us make this year’s Book sale a great success by bringing in lots of books and taking back just as many. Then next time you are in the Chapel admiring the beautiful flower arrangements, remember it is also because of you taking part in this fund raising event.


So let’s not burn, but earn.