2016 Ascension Day Picnic

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Ascension Day Picnic

May 5th 2016, Ascension Day Picnic


A glorious day for our yearly Ascension Day Picnic. Our bring and share event after the Ascension Day Service, celebrated by Joop Albers - who stepped in for Alja, she had just returned from a visit to Luweere (Uganda), was blessed with a lot of sunshine and very pleasant temperatures. Everyone had done its best to provide something nice to eat and/or drink. Sharing of food and drinks shows how our community can be great. Carol meanwhile sang wonderful songs while playing her guitars.


Alja mentioned in a short speech before saying grace and opening the "buffet" that during her visit in Luweero she felt very welcome and she brought the greetings of the community in Uganda. They would keep us in their prayers and our Western European Community should try to support them in their way forward.


To see Carol perform once again please access following links: Song 1 / Song 2