2016 Social - Pub Quiz

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2016 Social - Pub Quiz

The Social Chaplaincy - Pub Quiz Night - 16th January 2016


Thirty-five people from all over the Achterhoek gathered out in the countryside. The venue was De Schöppe, a sumptuously converted agricultural building, generously provided by Jonneke Adolfsen and Arjen Haffmans. The reason for this gathering was to partake in a Pub Quiz and the date, the 16 January. Oh, and the other common factor was that all these people were connected in some way or another with St Mary's Chapel and they were all intent on having a wonderful Social Evening. Joyce Wigboldus, ably assisted by Blair Charles, was in charge of organizing the evening. The theme of the Social Evening was a British Pub Quiz, which was where Blair Charles entered the picture. A former team member of the Punch Drunks, the victorious champion team from the Pub Quiz circuit of South West Cumbria, England, he came well qualified to organize a Pub Quiz.


Joyce meanwhile led the willing helpers in arranging everything else. People trooping into the building, after oohing and aahing at the beautiful building, delivered a wondrous array of food and refreshments to the catering corner. Catering was strictly on a bring and share basis. Well, not strictly as some people, for various reasons were unable to bring food. They were still invited to share. And so the evening began with a wonderful meal. Our Chaplain, the Revd Alja Tollefsen naturally led us in the Grace.


And so the evening began. Joyce organized everyone into teams of four and the members were tasked with inventing team names. A fabulous prize was on offer for the best name. Joyce and Blair appointed themselves as quizmasters because they had set the questions and, therefore, knew all the answers. Marilyn Charles, who had also seen all the answers, acted as scorer.


The teams were The Standing Committee, Count Basies, Sandringham, Saints and Sinners, Fearsome Four, Alja's Angels, The Shamrocks and The Odd Fellows. After answering questions on General Knowledge followed by Music and Literature a break was called for dessert. While Louw Talstra, St Mary's organist, played the Grand piano in the corner, everyone else lustily sang a selection of traditional English songs. Easy enough as the words were projected onto a screen above the piano. The quiz resumed with questions on History followed by Science and Religion. Scores were added up and a clear winning team emerged, The Odd Fellows. Just coming in the second position were the members of the Saints and Sinners. After lengthy consultation, Joyce, Marilyn, and Blair agreed that the best name was The Standing Committee. All members of the winning teams were awarded T-Shirts emblazoned with a picture of St Mary's Chapel and the words, 'St Mary's Masterminds.'


The evening ended with a quick cleanup and another sing-along, this time with Jonneke Adolfsen on the piano. Sung out and happy, everyone headed for home. Not as easy as it sounds because the first blizzard of the winter chose that night to sweep across the Achterhoek while cars were loaded and people tried to find the road. The following day at church there was a degree of swapping stories on two themes. 'Wow, didn't we have a great evening?' and 'Wow, what time did you get home?'