2016 Visit by de Wijngaard

Anglican Church Twente


St.Mary's of Weldam


Chaplaincy in the Diocese of Europe

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Visit by the Streekgemeente “De Wijngaard”

Saturday afternoon March 12th the group “Verkennen + Ontmoeten” (“Explore and Meet”) of the Streekgemeente – De Wijngaard did visit our Chapel. The group is of Protestant origin and is composed of the parishes in Borculo, Geesteren, Gelseaar and Haarlo. In their yearly program they visit neighbouring churches to find out more about the differences in the religious perception. They had requested an introduction in the Anglican church and our Chapel.


Simone commenced the information sharing and did explain the Anglican religious basics, how it had started, the way the Anglican Church hierarchy is organized, what the differences are regarding the roman-catholic and the protestant services. She also did tell the storey how the Chapel became the “St. Mary’s Chapel. After some questions from the audience, Lub did explain the historical origin of the Chapel, followed by a detailed architectural tour around the interior and exterior of the building.


After about an hour we had some coffee and cake in the Hut. Any questions that had arisen after the presentations and the Chapel tour could be answered as well.


We did enjoy hosting the group “Verkennen en Ontmoeten” and hope the visit was useful and could give some insight of our way of worshipping. If any of our visitors is interested in a regular service they are always welcome.


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