Chaplain Writes
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Anglican Church Twente


St.Mary's of Weldam

Chaplaincy in the Diocese of Europe

The Chaplain writes

Dear Friends

While thinking of my magazine Missive for June, I was procrastinating and decided to put off the inevitable for a while and ‘phone my brother for his birthday. We not unusually began chatting about my dear departed Mum and Dad. We mused about how the world has changed in the few years since they left us, and how they would hate the relentless news stories of global division, brokenness, sorrow, outrage, hopelessness and grief. When the call was over, a favourite song of theirs came into my mind, the Irving Berlin song, as sung by Nat King Cole, “Let’s face The Music And Dance.”

“There may be trouble ahead, But while there's moonlight and music and love and romance, Let's face the music and dance. Before the fiddlers have fled, Before they ask us to pay the bill, And while we still have the chance, Let's face the music and dance.

It made me think, further of God’s romance with us, his people, as we celebrate Pentecost, significant because it brings the redemptive-historical cycle of the church year to an end. Followed by Trinity season, there comes a long period of “ordinary time”. Pentecost celebrates the culmination of God’s redeeming work in Christ and the sign that Christ is seated at God’s right hand in heaven. The next “big event” in God’s redemptive cycle is his final coming. The loving Spirit is given to us to sustain us in the ‘time in between the times.’ So, whatever befalls in this world, where selfish, greedy freewill so often takes hold and shapes the present, we can remain strong and steadfast in the knowledge that we are not forsaken and we can dance on in the footsteps of ‘The Lord of The Dance’. We can feel the breath of God, and become a part of his breathing life into the world we inhabit.

So, perhaps we might take a moment in meditation, now, as we read this magazine, and feel our own special part in the community of faith to which we belong.

Simply breathe, together, as members in Christ’s body, as we hold our hearts open.

Breathing in as our hearts fill with compassion

Breathing out as we pray for healing in our world and in our lives.

Breathing in, opening ourselves to the transforming power of love.

Breathing out, praying for peace in our world and in our own lives.

Breathing in as we hold certain hope in our hearts.

Breathing out as we pray for justice in our world & in our lives.

May the love we know flow from us into this world. Amen.

My love to you all, Brian.