Chaplain Writes

Anglican Church Twente


St.Mary's of Weldam


Chaplaincy in the Diocese of Europe

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The Chaplain writes

Dear Friends,


Wow, what an amazing few days to bring the merry month of May to its close:

temperatures soaring and the countryside languorously teaming with a

multiplicity of life and abundance. Following a wonderful Sunday, celebrating

the feast of The Most Holy Trinity, during which we welcomed Odin Jan and

Erick, through Holy Baptism, into membership of the Church, we later in the

day relaxed into a simple and spiritual act of evening worship in the Chapel.


For me, the twilight eventually fell into a magical gloaming, warm and

beautiful; evocative of deep comfort, satisfaction and happy contentment of a

day well spent, and a life to be lovingly relished. The mood polished just

perfectly to appreciate the mysterious stirrings of the soul, with the

paradoxical experience of a gentle quietness, set against all the myriad

sounds of nightfall, usually left unnoticed, reverberating beneath the vast

cupola of the summer firmament. All Gods creatures, it seems, raise their

impressive songs in praise as one great cacophonic symphony, melting into

the ambient soundscape of the ending day.


At such times, we marvel at the quality of silence, able to swallow up every

sound of the ubiquitous chorus of life: silence, becoming all-pervasive within

the chatter of the late evening sky. This silent tranquility, inexorably, though gently dominant amidst all the other sounds, absorbs and transforms. Perfect stillness, perfect silence: a kind of communion, a moment of mystery, a moment of connection, an apprehension of the eternal now, unobstructed

fullness of prayer.


And so, then, onward to another week, and with it, cares and woes which

inevitably touch us as we must make our way along life’s pilgrimage! But,

thank God, with a memory and encouragement of another refreshing

Sunday, another encounter with the living Lord of all that is, we take

courage. Our experiences of reality, our reading the daily avalanche of sad

stories of suffering, the all too often aggressive performances of politics,

business and commerce, the revelation of humanity, at once insignificant

within the cosmos, and yet completely dominant in the comprehensive

scheme of life on this planet, is given perspective by our experience of faith.


Episodes of experience such as those shared on Trinity and many other

Sundays, and in other deeply spiritual connections with the Ground Of Our

Being, must renew our determination to make our Lord’s imperative a reality,

influencing our world as we can, that God’s will might, through us, be done

on earth as in heaven. Our faith must be supported by our practice of Gods

uncompromising Spirit of Love. Our faith might, indeed, be the most

significant aspect of our spiritual life, however, we must guard against what

we claim as our personal faith solidifying into dogmatic claims of what we see

as our own perfect understanding of truth. Exclusiveness is not God’s way

and the Kingdom grows through welcome. “God is love, and those who live in

love live in God, and God lives in them.”


Enjoy these summer days and, as ever, touch others with God’s care, as you feel and know his infinite care for you.


My love to you all,


Fr. B.