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The Chaplain writes

Dear Friends

An Easter Thought:

There was a man who had fallen on very hard times and was really down on his luck. Really desperate, he made his way to a church in a very nice part of town. Spotting the man's dirty clothes and disheveled appearance, the priest, with her churchwarden, worrying about the church’s image, went to the man and asked him what he wanted. The man replied, "I was praying to the Lord in my distress and he told me to come to this church." The priest encouraged the man to go away and pray some more, and possibly find an alternative answer. The next Sunday the man returned. The priest rushed out to him and asked, "Didn’t you get a different answer?" The man replied, "Yes I did. I explained to the Lord that your community didn’t want me in their church, and the Lord said, ‘Never mind, son; I've been trying to get into that church for years and never made it!"


There are three places in the Gospel accounts where our Risen Lord appears and is, nevertheless, not recognised. It seems it was quite possible to be looking straight at the Risen Jesus but not see him; possible to be unable to discern what God has done in and through him! Could this, in fact, be true for us even in our own present age? Is it possible that we might become so caught up in the ordinary events of life, and the inflated importance of our own significance and self-obsession within it? Is it possible that we too often lose sight of who Jesus is and what he means for each of us and for the whole world?

I pray that your Easter observation this year might be deeply spiritual and truly shape you and involve you; that the truth of God and the power of the resurrection will sincerely belong to you. I pray that, like Mary Magdalene, you might in true faith say, “I have seen the Lord”. I pray that others, too, might see the Risen Lord in each one of us and within the heart of our community here in Weldam.

May you all enjoy a holy and blessed Passion-tide and Easter.

Love, Brian