St. Mary’s Magazine is the monthly publication of the Anglican Church Twente.

If you wish to receive the magazine, or know someone who does, please contact one of the Wardens.

St Mary’s Magazine has a valuable role in helping to keep the congregation informed and in touch with each other.

St. Mary’s Magazine plays a valuable role in helping to keep the congregation informed on what is going on in their church and the chapel community. If you wish to receive a printed copy of the magazine, issued ten times a year, an annual donation of €15 will help to cover printing costs. If you cannot pick up your copy in the chapel and want to have it posted to you, we need to ask for an additional donation of €20 to cover postage.

Last year only two thirds of the magazine costs came from donations, the balance came from chapel funds. It would help the survival of

Please make the payment to: Anglican Church Twente, ABN AMRO, IBAN: NL62ABNA0593634012 - Ref. Magazine Postage

Copy for the next issue of the magazine should reach the editor by the third Sunday of the month and can be handed in after the church service or sent by mail to:

Using a team has enabled us to encourage more members of the congregation to contribute articles, in English and in Dutch. We feel that this makes the magazine even more inclusive, helping the congregation to get to know each other better. Anyone can submit an article on any subject, preferably in a Word document format. This is the most accurate and quickest format from which the editors can work. Handwritten scripts and text in emails are both acceptable. Be aware that errors are likely as reading some handwriting is often educated guesswork. Likewise, working out the content and layout of email text is difficult. 

Team Leader:

Production Editor: Blair Charles

Copy Editor: Erica Schotman

Production Assistant: Marilyn Charles

St Mary's Magazine, Past, Present, Future?

There has been a magazine keeping the congregation of St Mary's Chapel informed and amused for nearly twenty-eight years. A lady called Nettie Foeken, who some old timers may remember, brought out the ANT Church News in 1988. There were three editions per year. The acronym incidentally stood for Arnhem, Nijmegen, and Twente. The magazine served as a valuable link between the joint chaplaincy of Arnhem and Nijmegen and that of Twente. In 1990, founding members of the Twente Chaplaincy, Paul Chesmond and his wife Joyce, took over producing the ANT as a monthly church magazine.

We recently obtained a copy of the second Issue of the ANT magazine from November 1988. (view)

Thirteen years later, Paul and Joyce decided to step down from producing the magazine. Blair Charles, the writer of this article and his wife Marilyn Charles took over running the magazine. Eighteen months later, Arnhem and Nijmegen decided to produce their own monthly magazine. In the hope of maintaining links between the chapels in the East Netherland Group of Chaplaincies, the ANT continued as a twice-yearly magazine.

The first edition of the monthly St Mary's Magazine came out in January 2005, monthly except for Easter and Christmas when an edition of the ANT magazine was issued. This arrangement continued up to April 2007, after which at the request of Arnhem and Nijmegen, production of the ANT was stopped. St Mary's Magazine continued with ten issues per year.

The next major change came in May 2010 when the Charles team stepped down in. Janice Collins kindly and bravely stepped in to take up the task of producing St Mary's Magazine on her own through to May 2015. With other commitments pressing, she decided to step down.

The present situation is the magazine continues in production, although now with a five-person team as shown on the back cover, working on preparing and production. The magazine re-launched with an aim of encouraging the congregation to participate more fully in producing their magazine to help people get to know each other better. So far, the reaction has been most positive.

How long the magazine continues in production is the reason for this article. In 2008, St Mary's PCC agreed to pay for the magazine. It was seen as a useful means of keeping the congregation 'informed, amused and together.' Costs have continued to rise with the print cost per magazine now standing at over €1 per copy. Ninety magazines printed ten times a year costs over €900 per year. In the present financial situation, this is too heavy a burden for the church funds.

If everyone who receives a copy of the magazine pays just €15 per year, we could safeguard the magazine for the next few years. Please pay the money into the Chapel bank account, describing the payment with MAGAZINE. This will help the treasurer to identify the payment is for the magazine. Postage costs have also more than doubled. As a result, all the readers who receive a copy by post will be asked in a separate letter to pay postage costs.

Without financial support, the magazine will most likely cease in its present form. It could be replaced by an online version, or it could become just a basic newssheet. The practice of providing a free copy to guests will of course have to end. It is feared that many may not find a digital magazine or newssheet of much use.

Mailing Lists

We have three main lists for the distribution of St Mary’s Magazine: in-church collection, mailing to the UK and mailing within the Netherlands.

A digital mailing list is gaining in popularity. If you are a fan of all things digital and would like to switch to this list (which like the in-church collection list is free of charge), please let Blair Charles know.

But you may also access the last copy (and back issues till 2005) via the links provided at the bottom of this page.

Note future date lniks are also activated, but will only deliver the issue of the magaine if the activation month has arrived. (This feature has been introduced for a instantaneous upload to the web server).