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Anglican Church Twente


St.Mary's of Weldam

Chaplaincy in the Diocese of Europe

The next limited public service will be Sunday at 10:30 hrs . . . . . be aware that limited space is available, currently 30 persons . . . . If you want to attend a service please pre-book with Jeanet Luiten (see contact page) . . . . Sunday Services in the English Language - Weldam Chapel - 10:30 hrs are also available as a video / audo recording later on the day . . . . Information regarding our upcoming Chaplain vacancy you may find on the News Events Page . . . . . . . . .

Annual Book Sale

Flower Fund Book Sale is on in the Hut

You will be able to go through all the books and because of the limited access of three persons only we will leave them displayed for a longer period of time, so everyone will have ample opportunity to rummige through.

To give you a small impression of the number and sort of books please look through the followong images

This year’s books were quite a number of donated by Blair and Marilyn because of their move to Wales. We do hope that a lot of books on offer will go to a new owner. At the end of the Book if some titles are still unsold, part will be taken by Theda to try and sell them at the Summer Teas and the Castle Fair church stall in due time. The remainder will again be taken to the collection point of the Glanerbrug Book Fair depot. They organize, each January a huge Book Fair aimed for Charities. The revenue is split three ways, one part for the homeless shelter “De Wonne” in downtown Enschede. Another part for the young girls home “Casa de Menino in Campina Grande, Brazil and the last part for the Vincentius Vereeniging (Association to counter poverty in material and physical sense > community social service.) For more details you may find these charities in the following link:

Lub Gringhuis