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Annual Book Sale

Flower Fund Book Sale is on the 22nd of March 2020 is postponed until further notice.

When we will be able to gather again in St. Mary's Chapel we will set up the Books for Sale and leave them displayed for a longer period of time, so everyone will have ample opportunity to rummige through.

Early Spring Cleaning.

I recently mentioned to Jeanet that it might be nice to fit a new layer of flooring laminate in our attic. She thought this was a marvellous idea and would be the final touch for the house we have now been living in for eight years. Jeanet most probably had an ulterior motive, hoping that I would also rummage through the loads of books that are located there as a secondary library. Jeanet was partly right, our attic does look very much better than before, and yes, I did select a pile of books to get rid of, although not as many that she had hoped for.

I moved my selection from the attic into the cellar, where they were joined up with a lot of books that Blair and Marilyn had already donated in anticipation of their move to Wales. So, if you feel like cleaning up your library, attic or study cellar or wherever you may store your books, do think of the yearly Book Sale in March, the proceeds of which go to our Flower Fund. It is best to store your donations either in a banana box or a big shopping bag available at most supermarkets. But please keep them in your home until March 8th.

Our Book Sale will be again on Mothering Sunday, March 22nd. With another “Clearance” Book Sale one week later on the 29th. Two weeks before, from March 8th, you are encouraged to bring in your books. Theda and I will go through them, and we will try and arrange them in a logical order for you to rummage through. I hope the input of your donated books and the output as sold books will contribute to a nice income for beautiful flower arrangements in our Chapel through the year.

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Happily the environment was not burdened with a huge fire to get rid of all the books brought into the hut for this year’s Flower Fund Book sale. Even the amount of people using an E-reader did remain quite low I understood. In fact, quite a number of members of our congregation did rummage through the, generously donated, huge pile of books on offer. Unfortunately the amount of books in the English language was a bit disappointing. Luckily a lot of us do read Dutch as well and they could find a lot of fine quality reading material.

Saturday before the Book sale Theda and I will sort through the books and try to set up the tables in an orderly display of categories and titles.

This year’s books were quite a number of donated by Blair and Marilyn because of their move to Wales. We do hope that a lot of books on offer will go to a new owner. At the end of the Book if some titles are still unsold, part will be taken by Theda to try and sell them at the Summer Teas and the Castle Fair church stall in due time. The remainder will again be taken to the collection point of the Glanerbrug Book Fair depot. They organize, each January a huge Book Fair aimed for Charities. The revenue is split three ways, one part for the homeless shelter “De Wonne” in downtown Enschede. Another part for the young girls home “Casa de Menino in Campina Grande, Brazil and the last part for the Vincentius Vereeniging (Association to counter poverty in material and physical sense > community social service.) For more details you may find these charities in the following link:

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