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Forthcoming Dates and Special Services

8 February 2020 Deanery Day in Amersfoort (a training day for council officers)

26 February 2020 20:00 Ash Wednesday

19 Feb – 4 April Five Saturday mornings 10:00 – 12:00 Lent course: Not a Tame Lion, by Hilary Brand, based on the writings of C.S. Lewis and using two films: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and Shadowlands. (No session on Saturday 28 March.)

22 March Book Sale

29 March Book Sale - clearance

9 April 2020 20:00 Maundy Thursday, Eucharist and washing of feet

10 April 2020 20:00 Good Friday

11 April 2020 Church cleaning and decorating for Easter

12 April 2020 Easter Sunday

26 April 2020 Proposed date for AGM

10 May 2020 Visiting choir: Sutton Chorale from the UK (for 75th anniversary VE day)

Thursday Open Morning for Coffee, Chat, and Fellowship.

The Hut will be open for friends and visitors for a chat, some company, and coffee.

How and if this is going to continue, depends greatly on how welcoming we prove to be.
The council supports this outreach challenge and is lending a hand.
By being open every Thursday, we hope to create a habit among church members, their friends, and passers-by, to come in for a bit of good company.

These mornings will be hosted by council members and anybody else in the congregation who feels tempted to host one of the mornings and lend an ear. [please let Jeanet know if you want to give it a go.]

The opening time will be from 10:00 till 12:00 hrs

At this is the start of this trial period, we hope many of you will feel the need to take part in this new adventure of fellowship and outreach. How the mornings will be filled depends on what needs and wishes we will encounter.

The first Thursday, Vivian and her crafts group will be present to advise you on any problems you may have regarding needlework.

Hoping for a wonderful, fruitful time together in a friendly and open atmosphere.

Information of the Joanne Foundation

Inleiding Het is ongelofelijk hoeveel we u iedere keer weer te vertellen hebben! Elke keer is er weer mooi nieuws te melden. Deze keer leest u veel over zelfvoorzienendheid en gezondheidszorg. Dankzij u als sponsoren en de energieke inzet van de plaatselijke bevolking worden de levensomstandigheden voor de inwoners van Ndegeya steeds beter. Daar kunnen we met elkaar blij om zijn! More see the newsletter

Information Evening of the Mineke Foundation Jan 31st, Deventer

The Mineke Foundation is one of the Charities the Anglican Church Twente supports. We did receive an invitation to a Relationship Evening in Deventer.

For more information see the report on our Charities Page

Brexit: A European Voice - The Bishop in Europe writes …

Rt Revd Dr Robert Innes writes on Brexit:

In the 1960s, it was said UK entry to the “Common Market” would mark the end of a thousand years of British history. Fast-forwarding to 2019, the clock is now ticking rapidly towards the end of British membership of the European Union. Where are we, and where are we going on Brexit? ..... click here ..

Chapel Cleaning 

On the April 10th as of 10:00 hrs the Chapel and the Hut will be cleaned. If you can operate a vacuum cleaner then your chapel needs you. Cleaning, polishing and decorating days are not only necessary, they are great social events. By the end of the day all the volunteers should be exhausted and content. All of this activity is accompanied with coffee, chat and the warm feeling of having a shiny clean chapel at the end of the day.

Next dates will be 30 May, 22 August, 3 October.

Coffee Rota

After the service everyone is always invited to Coffee/Tea. This is a nice and important part of our fellowship at St. Mary's. Regular members of our community can meet and have a chat about what is on their mind. Also guests are very welcome to join in. It is a joint effort of our community and it also needs people willing to spend some time before the service preparing coffee. So if you are able to contribute please add your name to the rota sheet which is on the notice board.

General Data Protection Regulation

A new regulation regarding the general data protection has been implemented in our Diocese. If you are interested please read this document in our Information section. (more ......)

Church Service Decorum

Over the years there has been much comment about the atmosphere in the chapel before the service begins. Due to the scattered nature of the chaplaincy, some take the opportunity to greet each other, and maybe, even catch up on the news. Meanwhile, there are those who prefer to sit in quiet contemplation and prayer. As a compromise, the first group were given freedom to socialise up to about five minutes before the service, before our organist rang a bell for silence. Lately, the bell has been increasingly ignored, much to the irritation of some in the second group. Our chaplain has suggested placing cards on the pews reading:

Before the Service - Speak to God / After the Service - Speak to Everyone else

Maybe, if you have to discuss something, for example, a request for the intercessions, a planned celebration, keep one’s voice as low as possible. If you see someone sitting or kneeling quietly, respect their desire not to be disturbed. Then....when you get to the Hut, calm and spiritually fulfilled, finish off a wonderful morning with a good chat over coffee, or tea, and cakes.

Food bank

Items are now being collected on a permanent basis for the food bank in Goor. There is a large plastic box in the hut where you can put items of non-perishable food. The plan is to take the box to the food bank about once a month or more frequently depending on how quickly it is filled.

FYI: Coffee is most welcome

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