2017 Farewell Chaplain Tollefsen

Anglican Church Twente


St.Mary's of Weldam

Chaplaincy in the Diocese of Europe

Sunday Services in the English Language - Weldam Chapel - 10:30 hrs . . . . .

January, 8th 2017 - Thank you Jan and Theda and Farewell Alja Tollefsen.

After a very long time of taking care of the Hut, Jan and Theda will take it easy now. They can enjoy the Sunday services in a relaxed manner and do not have to worry any more if enough coffee will be ready in time to serve our congregation after the Sunday morning service. They were presented with a beautiful bunch of flowers at the end of the service. We hope to have them around for a long time, to come and enjoy the services and the fellowship with us.

On the same day Alja Tollefsen performed her last service in our Chapel. She retires from "active duty" in our congregation. But one may suspect we will see her again many times as she lives close by. After the service there was no coffee in the Hut but everyone had to move to the "Jacht Hut" situated about 2,5 km to the East of our Chapel. There a surprise fare well party was thrown to mark the last working day of our Chaplain.

It seemed that the party has been guarded as "top secret", because we managed to surprise Alja totally by the event.

On that occasion Alja was showered with speeches, songs and presents, to give her a good start into retirement. Our presents were both relaxing, a garden swing seat, as inspiring, a toolkit to help her with the construction of the swing. These gifts took her by surprise and are very welcome in her ,soon to be, summer residence near to her children and grandchild.

Everhard and Joyce (once again new granny) had produced the lyrics of a farewell song for Alja , covering her time being our Chaplain.

By then it was time to enjoy the food that everyone brought in this "bring and share" luncheon. Once again everyone had done  its utmost to provide drinks, main courses and a good selection of desserts.

Whilst  enjoying the food and drinks, there was a good chatting, around a very cosy open fire. Many stories about the past ,and maybe thoughts concerning the future of our congregation were exchanged.

Looking back on this final day of our Reverend Alja Tollefsen we can conclude that this was a worthy finish of a 'working life’. A big thank you to every one of our congregation who made this farewell possible. Thank you Alja for taking care of St. Mary's. We will not forget you.

Lub Gringhuis

Images chapel by Nikki Barker and farewell party by Lub Gringhuis