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Sunday Services - Weldam Chapel - 10:30 hrs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . This Sunday, October 8th, we will celebrate the Harvest Festival. Our Chapel will be decorated and fruit and food may be brought in for a donation to the Goor Voedselbank.

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29 October - Choral Evensong, New Sion Abbey / Diepenveen - 19:30 hrs

31 October - 500th Anniversary of Protestant Reformation (Martin Luther)

12 November - Remembrance Sunday - St Mary's - Weldam

26 November - Choral Evensong, New Sion Abbey / Diepenveen - 19:30 hrs

09 December - Service of Nine Lesson and Carols, Sion Abbey

17 December - Nine Lessons & Carols/Christmas Market - St Mary's - Welda



The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation


October 31st marks the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses to the Wittenberg church door in 1517, signaling the start of the Protestant Reformation. He was protesting against the practice of indulgences, where the good deeds of the saints could be purchased to reduce time spent in purgatory, before arriving in heaven. For Luther, this cheapened grace, repentance and forgiveness: ‘You can’t buy God’s friendship!’ Luther rediscovered the truths of God’s grace: ‘For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed – a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: ‘The righteous will live by faith’.’ (Romans 1:17). He recognised that righteousness (being right with God) and forgiveness is not earned by good works, but faith. The undeserved love of God and his acceptance is a matter of trust. This challenge to the church of Luther’s day remains so today! At the Diet (Council) of Worms, he refused to recant his views: ‘Here I stand; I can do no other!’

Luther stood for the free forgiveness of the gospel, by which God accepts us because of the death of Jesus on our behalf to deal with our sin. Is this what we believe? Only trusting Jesus can make us right with God. We will continue to get things wrong, but God never gives up on us!



Schoenendoosactie / Shoe box Event


Actie4Kids is weer van start gegaan! Samen met jullie willen wij tenminste 45.000 kinderen blij maken met een mooie versierde schoenendoos vol met schoolspullen, hygiëne producten, speelgoed en een knuffel. Dit jaar weer gaan de schoenendozen naar Afrika, Azië, Oost Europa en het Midden-Oosten. Daar zijn veel kinderen die het moeilijk hebben. Na meer dan 20 jaar is Actie4kids nog steeds nodig. Ook nu nog leeft 1 op de 2 kinderen wereldwijd in armoede. De slogan van Actie4kids is “Voor jou van mij”. Jij mag jouw speelgoed en zakgeld delen met een kind, dat waarschijnlijk nog nooit een cadeautje heeft gehad. We horen vaak dat kinderen weer naar school kunnen gaan door de schriften en pennen uit de schoenendozen. Een gevulde schoenendoos is een fantastisch cadeau, waardoor we kinderen kunnen leren hoe ze hun handen moeten wassen. En er is nog meer goed nieuws: we geven ze ook het evangelie door middel van een boekje met Bijbelverhalen. Want dat hebben ze hard nodig in een tijd waarin zoveel kinderen bang zijn voor de toekomst.


This year we are again participating in the Schoenendoosactie/Shoe box Event.

Together we would like to make at least 45.000 children happy with a nicele decorated shoe box filled with schoolutensils, hygiene products, toys and a cuddly toy. This year the shoeboxes will be sent to Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. In these regions there are numerous children that still live in difficult situations. After more then 20 years the Shoe box Event is till necessary. Yet 1 in 2 children worldwide live in poverty. The slogan of Actie4Kids is: "For you from me". You may share your wealth with a child that probably never did receive a present. We often hear that children can go to school because of the workbooks and pens or pencils from the shoe boxes. A filled shoe box is a fantastic present, in which we also can instruct them how to wash their hands. And, there is more good news: we also give them the gospel by means of a booklet with Bible stories. That is what they really need in a time where so many children are afraid what the future may bring.


Leaflets on this Shoebox Event are available in the Hut.


For info videoclips on Youtube see:




For more info please contact : Ingeline Ribbens - email:





As of the 1 January 2017, the Anglican Chaplaincy of Twente is in Interregnum (literally, 'between kings'!). It is also a time when your wardens and council members actually start to appreciate just how much work the chaplain does in running a chaplaincy. Probably the reason the Church of England appears to encourage interregnums.


For a start, there is a requirement to continue holding regular worship in the chaplaincy while the council progress through the procedure of finding and appointing a new chaplain. In general, there appear to be more vacancies for both locums and chaplains than candidates. However, regarding locums, (a temporary priest), and arranging services, we have been reasonably successful. Having our own, Lay Reader in training, Simone Yallop, has been a great help. Not only is she a walking encyclopaedia on everything connected with the Church of England, but she is also willing, and able, to conduct a monthly Service of Morning Prayer.


On a serious note, during the interregnum, Locums will provide limited pastoral cover. If any members of the congregation have, an urgent need for a priest, in the first instance, phone one of the wardens. Our contact details are on the website and in the magazine. We can, if need be, contact Sam van Leer, as Area Dean, for advice and help.


During the interregnum, the wardens and council will appreciate your continuing support, your understanding if there are occasional mistakes and your help in keeping St Mary's the usual friendly, spiritual haven we all enjoy so much.



Charities Feedback - Joanne Foundation.


A new waterpump has been installed following our donation, more see Charities



Mineke Foundation (feedback)


For several years, Mineke Foundation has received requests to offer their vocational courses in other communities. Due to the (financial) challenges involved with doing so - a training space, a secure storage area, additional staff - we haven't been able to respond positively to these requests. This year, that's set to change as Mineke Foundation partners with the Bangladeshi NGO, BRAC, to provide vocational training to 100+ adolescents and young adults in four (of fifteen) counties in Liberia during 2017. We'll be using BRAC's offices and hope to expand to all the counties as time goes on. Strangely, registration for vocational courses at our own office is lagging. We're unsure why but think insufficient publicity might be the cause, and we're working hard to address that.

Meanwhile, our social and educational clubs for children, teenagers and women are flourishing. Up to 75 kids and 30 teenagers attend our weekly club meetings, while 30 women participate in our monthly Women's Club. We unfortunately have to refuse new members for all clubs due to financial constraints. Our entrepreneurs - about 60% of our vocational graduates have started businesses so far - are doing well too, with nine women and one young man now managing growing businesses.

Mineke Foundation also works with partners on other projects. Last year, we partnered with Mercy Corps to provide Career Readiness Training to young adults in our projects, and this year, we've started a "Digital Storytelling" project with UNFPA Liberia. This project, which sees teens interview their peers, will showcase what it means to be young in Liberia; addressing both the good (teenage voices for democracy and children's rights) and the bad (teenage pregnancies, high unemployment). It also helps our teens gain valuable communication, interview and presentation skills. ©Tonia Dabwe



Bishop Robert's Easter message 2017


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


“Purity of heart is to will one thing”, said the Danish theologian Soren Kierkegaard. I write these words near the beginning of Lent, a season in which we try even more seriously than usual to order our desires under the overarching desire for God. Since our desires are continually stimulated, manipulated and exploited by powerful forces in the world, Lenten disciplines of even moderate asceticism are strongly counter-cultural and have seldom been more valuable in promoting true spiritual life. Full document .....


Food bank

Items are now being collected on a permanent basis for the food bank in Goor. There is a large plastic box in the hut where you can put items of non-perishable food. The plan is to take the box to the food bank about once a month or more frequently depending on how quickly it is filled.



Bishop Robert's Pastoral letter on Brexit.


Complete letter is accessible on our webpage see: More .......