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Sunday Services in the English Language - Weldam Chapel - 10:30 hrs . . . . . Saturday 15 December - Cleaning, Chat and Coffee - Also set up of the Christmas Tree in the Chapel. 16 December - Nine Lessons and Carols . . . . . . .

News & Future Events

News and Future Events


Forthcoming Dates and Special Services


25 November - Choral Evensong (New Sion Abbey - Diepenveen)

16 December - Nine Lessons and Carols

23 December - Nine Lessons and Carols (New Sion Abbey, Diepenveen)

24 December - Eucharist of Christmas Midnight


Actie4Kids (Shoeboxes) 2018 - Thank you very much.


A great success, 20 of the 25 provide shoeboxes were returned filled with a lot of nice and useful presents for children in less fortunate situations than us in Weldam. The boxes have been delivered Monday November 12th to the collection point in Ambt-Delden for shipping to the central depot.

A big thank you to Everyone who did contribute to this years collection.




Church Service Decorum


Over the years there has been much comment about the atmosphere in the chapel before the service begins. Due to the scattered nature of the chaplaincy, some take the opportunity to greet each other, and maybe, even catch up on the news. Meanwhile, there are those who prefer to sit in quiet contemplation and prayer. As a compromise, the first group were given freedom to socialise up to about five minutes before the service, before our organist rang a bell for silence. Lately, the bell has been increasingly ignored, much to the irritation of some in the second group. Our chaplain has suggested placing cards on the pews reading:

Before the Service - Speak to God / After the Service - Speak to Everyone else

Maybe, if you have to discuss something, for example, a request for the intercessions, a planned celebration, keep one’s voice as low as possible. If you see someone sitting or kneeling quietly, respect their desire not to be disturbed. Then....when you get to the Hut, calm and spiritually fulfilled, finish off a wonderful morning with a good chat over coffee, or tea, and cakes.



Chapel Cleaning


The next Chapel Cleaning morning is scheduled for the Dec 15th. Everyone is welcome to have a go at cleaning windows, vacuuming the carpets, polishing brass, shining pews and pulpits and a range of other exciting tasks. All of this activity is accompanied with coffee, chat and the warm feeling of having a shiny clean chapel at the end of the day.

(Following session is: Jan 8th)



Food bank

Items are now being collected on a permanent basis for the food bank in Goor. There is a large plastic box in the hut where you can put items of non-perishable food. The plan is to take the box to the food bank about once a month or more frequently depending on how quickly it is filled.

FYI: Coffee is most welcome


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