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During the current COVID-19 crisis, we are trying to provide you with a virtual Sunday service as long as we possibly can. We all hope we can return to a "normal" service again in not too distant future. A video recording cannot make up for an actual gathering, but we have to do with it for the time being.

Now a more practical item in providing you with the "virtual service". Making a video and loading it onto the website does not draw any funds from our church account. However, like every year, our Diocese has entered a considerable claim, the Chapel rent continues, Insurances have to be balanced, and we have to pay the stipend of our Chaplain. As you may see, costs for running the congregation do continue. Collections make up about one quarter of our congregation's income. This particular income has now stopped completely.

A suggestion has been made, instead of filling the actual collection basket in the Chapel during the Service, to donate your contribution via a bank transfer. I did notice a few of us have already started doing this. As collections are booked in the Vestry record after each service, this cannot be upheld presently.

Therefore, if you want to contribute like you normally would do in church, please make a bank transfer using the designator "Service donation" on our bank account NL62ABNA0593634012 t.n.v. Anglican Church Twente.

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