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Founded in 1979, the Anglican Church Twente belongs to the Church of England's Diocese in Europe. The Church of England forms a part of the worldwide Anglican Communion of more than 80 million people.

The Anglican Church Twente, based at St Mary's Chapel, Weldam provides a Christian ministry in the East Netherlands. Most of the congregation live in the towns and villages of the East Netherlands and across the border in Germany. Some come from further afield. Places such as Arnhem, Hilversum and Amsterdam.

The Anglican Church Twente holds a service every Sunday at 10:30 am in English. The church offers Holy Communion to all baptized Christians, Sunday School to nurture and educate children in the Christian faith, and a warm welcome to people of all nationalities.

The main aims of the Anglican Church Twente are to:

† Offer Christian worship by the rites of the Church of England in the English language.

† Provide pastoral care to all who are in need of such help.

† Promote a lively fellowship among those who attend the services.

† Support outreach in Christian ministry wherever there is a need.

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