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Chaplaincy in the Diocese of Europe

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Chaplain: Revd. Canon Brian G. Rodford

Father Brian originates from St Albans, Hertfordshire, in the United Kingdom, where he was heavily involved in his local church community from an early age. He was in the church choir and altar server as a young boy, later becoming organist (in the absence of someone more suitably proficient), churchwarden, and, then, curate at the same church.


Before he became a priest he trained and worked as a religious education teacher, later becoming school chaplain and deputy headmaster. During this period, he served as associate priest in several parishes.


Following study for the priesthood in the St Albans Ministerial training Scheme, especially for those intending to remain in secular employment, Brian was ordained in 1979 to the deaconate by The Rt. Rev. Robert Runcie, Bishop of St. Albans (later to become Archbishop of Canterbury). He was ordained priest the following year. He thrived in his experiences as a teacher-priest. (Brian was the first to begin training for the non-stipendiary ministry at under the age of thirty, which, as Archbishop Runcie was pleased to boast, changed this particular canon for the entire Church of England!)


In 1995, Brian became Vicar of St. Matthew's, Ponders End, in the Diocese of London. This was an urban priority parish with many social problems. Here, he enjoyed the challenges of growing the church membership, while working for wider community partnerships and ecumenical and interfaith dialogue and activity. He remained active in education, serving on three Statutory Standing Advisory Councils For Religious Education and as a member of The London Diocesan Board for Schools. He was a Chaplain to several Police Stations and served as a committee member for Enfield Victim Support. His incumbency in Ponders End led him, through the then Archbishop of Uganda, to an association with the Anglican Church of Uganda working for children orphaned because of AIDS and HIV.


He became the UK Director of a charity supporting Chain Foundation, Uganda, for which he was made a Canon of All Saints Archiepiscopal Cathedral in Kampala.


He moved to South Africa for twelve years and was involved in a range of charities involving his passions for animal welfare, and making music, as well as the needs of all marginalized, poor, needy and forgotten people.


He began his singing career at an early age, starting out in youth choirs while at school, growing up in St. Albans in England. He quickly moved on to performing as a tenor soloist with the St. Albans and District Youth Choir, later developing a wider semiprofessional métier as a tenor soloist. He received sing training for a number of years from the celebrated contralto, Kathleen Joyce, renowned for her international lieder performances.


While musical composition, writing poetry, and performing remain a passion for Brian, he has dedicated much of his energy to furthering the cause of care, concern and practical encouragement to those in need of recognition and support. He continues utterly committed to his priestly vocation with especial interest in pastoral care and love of the riches and beauty of liturgy.


He is excited to take up the Chaplain’s position at St. Mary's Chapel where, he says, he feels he has found a radiant and lovely Christian fellowship. He currently lives in the Netherlands.