Other Links

Other Links

This page will provide you with some links to Anglican Church websites.

Church of England:

This is the main website of the Church of England. You may find a wealth of information regarding numerous subjects. The main page will give you access to the following subpages: Releases, In The News, Blogs, Safeguarding, Renewal and Reform, the Weekly Podcast, Follow us on Twitter, Lent 2016, Join us in a prayer, General Synod, Archbishops and our main Buildings

Diocese in Europe:

English churches and congregations have been established on the Continent since before the Reformation. The number of these grew to such an extent that in 1633 congregations of the Church of England in all foreign countries were placed under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of London. Anglican dioceses and then provinces were later formed in all parts of the world outside the United Kingdom.  In July 1980 a single diocese was formed with the title The Diocese in Europe, and it became the 44th Diocese of the Church of England.

Anglican Council Netherlands:

The Anglican Church in the Netherlands is part of the Church of England, in the Diocese in Europe. The Deanery of the Netherlands is one of two deaneries in the Archdeaconry of North-West Europe. There are congregations in most of the major cities in the Netherlands

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