Anglicans believe

Anglicans believe

What do Anglicans believe ?

1.  That Jesus Christ was and is the son of God;

2.  That He not only told us, but showed us in His life and death that God is the God of love, and that we must love Him with all our heart, mind and strength and that we should love our neighbours as much as we love ourselves;

3.  That we should take Jesus as our example, and try to live a life in which we give more than we struggle to get. That though we are all sinful and imperfect human beings, we can, if we believe what Jesus said be forgiven and that we must also forgive those who offend us;

4.  That this life is not all, but that we can hope for a life after death in which, when all our sins have been purged away, we shall be united with God;

5.  And that in all this we shall be inspired and strengthened by God's Holy Spirit;

6.  In addtion the Church believes that those who are to be members of the Church should be baptized with water in the Name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, as a sign that they die to self and raised to a new life in God;

7.  The Church also believes that it must faithfully follow Jesus' command to celebrate the Holy Communion (also called the Eucharist, Mass or Lord's Supper) in which Christians are united with Him by sharing the bread - symbolising the body - and the wine - symbolising the Blood - in remembrance of Him.

What matters most?

Far more important than knowing about a Church's history and tradition is knowing, loving and following its Lord, Jesus Christ, Lord of all the Churches.

It was he who taught us that love for God and for all people is the only thing that ultimately matters.