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NW Europe Archdeaconry Synod Reports:

Every year a Synod is organized by the Diocese in Europe. Various subjects are or have been discussed. This page features all Archdeconry Reports which have been made by (St. Mary's) Archdeconry Representatives.


- The Joanne Noordink Foundation is the latest charity we will support.

Joanne’s work focused our work on the support of children and our project was called “Joanne’s Children in Uganda”. However, as we extended our activities in the course of the years, we discovered that we needed a more formal basis for our activities, resulting in the Joanne Foundation.

The way the Joanne Foundation operates is characterized by keywords like: small, controllable, communicative, honest, reliable and transparent.

Our main objective is taking care of the children included in our program and to pay their tuition until the moment they have obtained a vocational certificate. This will enable them to find a job and become self-reliant. The foundation does not want the children to become dependent on its help, we support them until they are able to take care of themselves.


- The Mineke Foundation dedicated to a charity project in Liberia, aid is provided to the inhabitants of Dabwe Town so that they can develop and improve their living conditions themselves.

- The Young Achievers is a group of youngsters from Katura (Namibia), ages varying between seven and 22, from the former township Katutura in the city of Windhuk. Youngsters from this township normally have limited chances to develop and achieve something in the end. From dissatisfaction about this situation and from a strong drive to achieve something a few youngsters did set up the "Young Achievers"

Clergy History:

This section describes the present and former Chaplains

Chapel Architecture & Decorations:

A detailed description of the Chapel with a wealth of images of construction detials.

Church Library:

Currently cataloguing is underway to make the books in our library more accessible to everyone. As one may understand this is quite a task and it may consume a lot of time to have everything catalogued.

The Church Year:

This page may give you an insight in what the colours on the

Altar and Robes used symbolize. It wil also give a detailed description of Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Ascension, Pentecost, Trinity Sunday, Corpus Christi, Ordinary time and Assumption.

Did you know?:

This is a collection of nice-to-know items about symbolism, church organization etc.

Wedding Services:

This page is added upon request of the Weldam Rentmeester to promote the Chapel also for non-anglican church members as a Wedding Location.